Get your little ones set for a brush with brilliance. SNAILS nail polish is every kids moment of fun and play . The world’s most fun children’s nail polish will be welcome at any play date because SNAILS Kids lets your children colour their world and their nails with safe simplicity.

Glamorous girls can set their fingertips a blaze in exciting colours without even a whiff of harsh smelly ingredients. They’ll neither know nor care that they’re sporting the world’s first (established in 2011), washable nail polish — but you’ll love removing their nail polish experiments with simple soap and water!

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Snails Nail Polish Disco Girl

Glossy Pink. Wear pink when you want to present yourself as a peaceful, calm person who is not threatening.

$11.90 incl tax

Snails Nail Polish Raspberry Pie

Glossy purple. Wear purple when you want to encourage fantasy, mystery and imagination.

$11.90 incl tax

Snails Nail Polish Glitter Bomb

Glittery, sparkly and totally pink, perfect for “princess party time”

$11.90 incl tax

Snails Nail Polish Love Is

A bold, deep, scarlet red for daring divas who like to be noticed!

$11.90 incl tax

Snails Nail Polish Bedtime Stories

A calming sky blue shade. Put some blue in your life when you want to calm and relax.

$11.90 incl tax

Snails Nail Polish Confetti

This Top coat brings a handful of fun and style. Black and white confettis!

$11.90 incl tax