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Snails Nail Polish Disco Girl

Glossy Pink. Wear pink when you want to present yourself as a peaceful, calm person who is not threatening.

$11.90 incl tax

Snails Nail Polish Raspberry Pie

Glossy purple. Wear purple when you want to encourage fantasy, mystery and imagination.

$11.90 incl tax

Snails Nail Polish Glitter Bomb

Glittery, sparkly and totally pink, perfect for “princess party time”

$11.90 incl tax

Snails Nail Polish Love Is

A bold, deep, scarlet red for daring divas who like to be noticed!

$11.90 incl tax

Snails Nail Polish Bedtime Stories

A calming sky blue shade. Put some blue in your life when you want to calm and relax.

$11.90 incl tax

Mideer Temporary Tattoos Colourful Garden

Waterproof, temporary, safe, longlasting, and non-toxic.

$18.99 incl tax