Mideer Toys - A brand that is focused on making educational toys fun for babies and kids of all ages. All of Mideer's toys are using eco-friendly materials such as fine quality rubberwood, plant-based paints and recycled paper. "Discover, fun, art" is the DNA of Mideer. It encourage children to explore the furthest limits of their imagination, to play the most enjoyable games, and helps them become adults with passion and aesthetic judgment.

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Mideer Magnetic Robot Animation Game

The magic of the functional magnetic exploration robot puzzle.

$28.99 incl tax

Mideer 3D Origami Paper Animals

3D Origami Paper Animals Create nine animals with the included pieces: lion, bird, turtle, frog, owl, elephant, alligator and more. Follow the instructions to fold the paper and an adorable.

$14.99 incl tax

Mideer Temporary Tattoos Colourful Garden

Waterproof, temporary, safe, longlasting, and non-toxic.

$18.99 incl tax

Mideer Temporary Tattoos Fantastic Voyage

Design stick & nail stick includes Pirates, Animals,Knights and Magician.

$18.99 incl tax

Mideer Silky Professional Crayons 12 Colours

12 Colours Crayons

$16.99 incl tax

Mideer Washable Marker- 24 Colors

24 Colors

$25.99 incl tax