"As a parent, I felt it was important to teach my children about all kinds of differences – not only skin-deep visual differences, but also the cultural, religious, and personal differences that make us special. I wanted to teach our children to relate to and embrace what makes us different, and celebrate what makes everyone unique.

Kiwicorn was originally created as a tool for our own diversity discussions, in a humorous, light-hearted, and Kiwi-centric way."

--- Kat Quin (Formerly Merewether) // Author, Illustrator, Kiwi Kid

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Kiwicorn Toy + Mini Book

Kiwicorn is a cute, simplified rendition of the international favorite.

$39.99 incl tax

Kuwi Stainless Steel Drink Bottle

Sports lid + Thermos lid. Classic kiwi milk bottle shape, with the cutest Kuwi & Friends textured motif.

$32.99 incl tax

Kuwi Stainless Steel Smoothie Cup

Child-friendly, easy to hold size, perfect for little hands.

$32.99 incl tax

Kuwi Classic Collection

Enamel Cup 380ml

$19.90 incl tax

Kuwi Classic Collection - Enamel Bowl

Classic kiwi enamelware bowl with the classic Kuwi & Friends motif.

$24.90 incl tax

Kuwi Classic Collection - Enamel Divided Plate

Classic kiwi enamelware, with a divided plate design, great for creating healthy snack platters.

$29.90 incl tax