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Mideer - Gluestick

Blue gluestick

$3.85 incl tax

Mideer 3D Origami Paper Animals

3D Origami Paper Animals Create nine animals with the included pieces: lion, bird, turtle, frog, owl, elephant, alligator and more. Follow the instructions to fold the paper and an adorable.

$14.99 incl tax

Mideer Make & Move Fantasy Origami

8 character patterns include prince, Princess,ELF,Dwarf,Vampire, Cyclops, Robot and Werewolf

$16.99 incl tax

MiDeer Scissors

Kids Safety Scissors

$5.99 incl tax

Mideer Silky Professional Crayons 12 Colours

12 Colours Crayons

$16.99 incl tax

Mideer Washable Marker- 24 Colors

24 Colors

$25.99 incl tax